Hi, nice to meet you

Nomad, Chef, Yoga Instructor and many other things I have done during this short life so far.

Come and get to know me better, and ride this rollercoaster called Life with me!

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My house - Not my house

Many times people have asked me about my life, and how cool it must have been; others not so much. I came across people who couldn't even imagine moving so many times, changing school, house, friends; and everything.

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Healing Heart Trip

It's most likely we all got our heartbroken; if you haven't, consider yourself lucky. But those of you who have will probably agree that a trip to pick up the pieces of a broken heart can somehow make you even stronger.

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Me, myself and other

I was born in Argentina, and have been moving since I was 2 years old. I recently decided to start to share my story from a genuine and very honest place.

My life is based on stories, personal anecdotes, sharing others' stories, and many trips. I have also changed paths (professionally and personally) several times.

I blame the nomad life for having me had a nomad personality. I like to try new things, connecting with the present and embrace all the changes that may bring.

Most of the times - for not to say always- is very hard. Having to get used to a new culture, language, expressions, manners, and many other little things that on a day-to-day basis can be somewhat overwhelming.

I am starting this blog from the heart with my honest intention to share stories, comments, recommendations, places to visit (or avoid), debates, local news and more.

Join me on this adventure and I promise not to become an influencer. I am just an old school gal, raised on the road when traveling wasn´t "a thing".


Next Steps...

Let's dive and wander the world. Be humbled and grateful to the universe. Embrace each day you wake up and make the best out of it.