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Costa Rica

I highly recommend Costa Rica if you are looking for adventure, fun and the most beautiful sites. Beach, Jungle and Amazing Food; all in one place! Don't forget your surf-board!


Dulce de Leche, Asado, Fernet, Empanadas, and Medialunas are just a few of its typical gastronomy you should try when visiting. Pasion, loudness, and friendliness are the 3 characteristics every Argentinian will have. Being born here I always feel like home when going back.

Flag of Latvia


Next month I will be sharing the few spots I've been able to visit in the last year. So far, loving it!


Meat, Mate, and Peace. What else do you need? Either Winter or Summer, for Argentinians as myself no matter the weather; there's always time for a quick getaway to Uruguay.


Prepare to have a great time and stop the myths of Colombia. This country has been nothing but welcoming in every possible way.

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