I was born in Argentina and have been moving since I was 2 years old. When people ask me “where is HOME?” I always answer “On The Road”.

My life is based on stories, personal anecdotes, sharing experiences, and many trips. I have also changed paths (professionally and personally) several times.

I blame the nomad life for having me had a nomad personality. I like to try new things, connecting with the present and embrace all the changes that may bring.

Most of the time - for not to say always- is very hard. Having to get used to a new culture, language, expressions, manners, and many other little things that on a day-to-day basis can be somewhat overwhelming.

I am starting this blog from the heart with my honest intention to share a part of me with you. This meaning I will share stories, experiences, travels, and thoughts. As I love to cook, I will be sharing recipes too.

Recently, I also decided to add more sustainable habits to my lifestyle and be more conscious of my mark in the world. So you will also find tips on how to merge into a more eco-friendly way of living.

Join me on this adventure. I am just an old-school-gal raised on the road when traveling wasn't "a thing".

A True Nomad - By Sol Acevedo
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Born and raised on the road, always learning, moving, making new friends. Being a nomad has its perks and loss.

Here are some of my stories and thoughts I share with you.

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Over the years I ate less and less meat. Here are some recipes I came across, invented, and played with.

Bon appetite!

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Monthly themed, I will share with you places and special spots from my travels.

Bon voyage!

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Tips and habits you can embrace for a more conscious and sustainable way of living.


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