I’m a bit Greener than before

ATN - A Green Nomad 2020

A good win for this 2020, I believe, was that there was (or at least I hope so) a massive consciousness regarding the climate crisis and the URGENT NEED to act on it NOW. The change begins within us, starting from the small habits we incorporate at home.

This year I incorporated a few; still, a few more to go! What did you learn? Did you incorporate new habits this year?

At home, we incorporated many habits, and our waste has diminished enormously. I still have a lot to learn, understand, research, and commit to, but this is not a race; this is a process, my process. Your process. Our process.

Of course, there is an urgency to act. However, I don't want to share the feeling of frustration (which I have). I prefer to share with you the small wins.

Some of the first habits we were able to incorporate were the bamboo toothbrush, zero-waste hand-made deodorant, and cleaning bars (shampoo, conditioner, and soap) made from natural ingredients, hand-made by locals, with no waste. In regards to personal hygiene, I also bought new underwear that absorbs my period. Feel free to check it out! They are Fair Trade, Zero-Waste, and most importantly, SUPER COMFY!

Secondly, we started to focus on our cleaning products around the house. I reduced almost all my cleaning products to a home-made vinegar-mix (I leave citric peels in vinegar for three weeks), and then we use it to clean the toilet mainly. Another cleaning friend is sodium bicarbonate. I use this for every hard stain, cloth stains, and different usages with different combinations. It all depends on what I need to clean. And last but not least, since we started to use the dish-washer (we only do one wash every 2 or 3 days), we use these biodegradable, eco-friendly, zero-waste, natural soap-tabs. We LOVE them!

In the kitchen, we also did some upgrades! We bought a few wooden utensils, some silicon stash bags, and lids. We also incorporated the Bee-Wraps, Bio-BPA Free bags to freeze. Due to our crazy schedule, we try to have as many pre-cooked meals and ingredients as we can to make our cooking-time easier and less time-consuming. Of course, we still have our reusable cups for our morning coffee and tea; amongst other oldies habits from before.

A great win for me was that I was able to eliminate paper-towels from our house. We use cloth napkins, re-purposed cloths for cleaning, and paper towels have become obsolete in this house. This habit was one of the things I thought I would never be able to change. Oh boy, how wrong was I.

As I said, I still have MUCH to learn and continue to improve. Here some of the biggest fails I still need to work on it.

1- I tried composting, but due to the climate and circumstances I live in at the moment, composting has not gone successfully.

2- I still need to switch to a zero-waste razor. I do have the one in which you only change the head, but still disposables. I usually shave in a hurry, and when I was doing research, I learned that having a zero-waste razor requires time and patience to shave. I will continue to work my way into this habit, but for now, I continue to use the one I have.

3- Other habits I had have become impossible now due to COVID times. For example, I use to take my food-containers when buying lunch. Now, they don't allow me, and I have to accept what they give me. I try to cook my meals, but sometimes I don't have the time.

These are some of my wins and to-work-on from this year for me. I would love to hear about what new habits you learned this year.

I hope we all go into 2021 greener than before and come out even better.

Live, Love & Laugh
A True Nomad - Sol Acevedo