Sustainable Cooking

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When cooking, there are many things we can do for it to be a more sustainable habit. I still have some things to improve myself, but here are some pointers we can all work on to reduce our kitchen waste and help the environment in our best way.

One of the things we should be doing is cooking more with seasonal products, fruits, and vegetables. Buying at bulk markets and from local farmers helps to reduce waste and to the economy, helping small businesses to stay active. I prefer to purchase seasonal produce because it helps to renovate the land and keep harmony in nature's ecological balance.

Buying by bulk also helps us to avoid plastic packaging. These types of soft-plastic are hard to recycle. You should ask if your recycling center works with such plastics. However, we should all still avoid it as much as possible.

This habit requires organizational changes in your home. Start scheduling what to cook for the week, and hence your grocery shopping accordingly. Keep in mind that these changes take time, and once you incorporate it in your daily routine, it becomes a habit, something you know, and is within your comfort zone. After all, you will not only be eating healthier, but you will be helping the environment, the planet, your future, and even your economy.

Other items you can add to your sustainable kitchen are bamboo and stainless utensils. These are long-lasting, sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable, and compostable. Plastic utensils may release tiny particles of plastic, which you would ingest later with your food. If buying silicone, remember to read the label and ensure it is recyclable as well as good quality to assure its longevity.

Some examples of smaller actions with huge impacts are: having tea strainer or a reusable tea bag, make your coffee, use cloth napkins, choose homemade vegan milk, cook more, use fewer paper towels and more linen towels, buy by bulk, fresh and local, and compost your food scraps or reuse them to make broth.

There are many small actions you can choose from as a starting point, start with one at a time. Once, someone told me that it takes 30 days to turn an action into a habit. So do not overwhelm yourself and start with one at a time. The change begins in us, taking one thing at a time. Be imperfectly human.

Live, Love & Laugh
A True Nomad - Sol Acevedo