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Today is Plastic-Bag Free Day; so today I will be sharing with you some small changes I incorporated in my life that can help you avoid all kinds of plastic bags.

The first one is probably the most popular: swap to Tote Bags for grocery shopping. I always carry one with me. Too many times I went out thinking I wouldn’t buy anything and ended up walking back home with my arms tangled with things because I had no bag and I refused to get a plastic one. There are some very nice knitted ones, others with flashy prints; some are made from recycled fabrics and materials. You can also make your own with an old shirt that you no longer use. Whichever you choose, you have options to not have an excuse for not doing it.

When using plastic bags to store food in the freezer, you can transition this habit to silicone bags. They are reusable, recyclable, and they help to avoid thousands of plastic bags. I confess that they are not cheap, but it’s worth the investment. If you don’t have access to it, you can always reuse the ones you use and ensure the longest usage for it. You can also reuse plastic containers from delivery, ice-creams, and others.

For storing goods in the cupboard, I also (re)use jars, bottles, and anything that works to keep it fresh. There are many things you can use for several purposes. You can also keep your vegetables fresh in different ways; like in water in or out of the fridge, in jars, or any type of container. You can also use silicon bags in the fridge, or you can also freeze them (chopped or whole).

When buying vegetables, you can take your bags. I have ones made from recycled plastic, but you can make your own from cloth, linen, or any type of fabric you prefer. It’s very light, so it wouldn’t affect your purchase. For smaller items (such as berries and nuts) you can bring your jar and buy in bulk.

And last but not least, what to do when you go shopping? Also, bring your bag. You can bring a back-pack and start placing in there while shopping with no need of using any plastic bags.

Why are plastic bags so bad? Well, they are one of the main items hard to recycle and when they end in the sea many animals confuse them for food or jellyfish. Today’s number of animals with plastic in their stomach is extremely high, and no one else but our way of communism to blame.

In some countries, there are amazing projects that look and develop ways to recycle the un-recyclable. They’ve been able to create a recycling process for certain types of plastics to make plastic-wood for exterior-furniture and playgrounds. Other projects make different objects. However, the main goal is not only to repurpose theses plastics but to generate consciousness and REDUCE the usage of single-use plastics.

Here some projects you can look for and learn how to contribute and start repurposing the plastics at home:

-Botellas de Amor Fundacion (Colombia) 
-Llena una Botella de Amor Funacion (Argentina)
-Precious Plastic (Global Community)
-Ideas on How to reuse plastic at home (Budget Dumpster) 

Please say no to single-use plastic, start by bringing your bag when shopping. The change starts with us.

Live, Love & Laugh
A True Nomad - Sol Acevedo