Zero-Waste Bath

Shampoo Centered

Continuing with our bathroom habits and cleansing routines, I thought that this could be another useful idea for you to try out: switch your industrial synthetic products for natural, plant-based, and eco-friendly ones.

As always, I have changed brands, products, and ways of buying according to where I am at that time. At the moment I am buying at a zero-waste local shop a natural, plant-based brand, liquid shampoo, and conditioner. I refill my bottle once every 3 to 4 months or more. No waste, helping the local market, and caring about the planet; all at the same time. Another option I use (especially for traveling) is solid shampoo bars. These are usually hand-made and from natural ingredients. Conditioners are also made in bars as well as natural soaps.

This might not be available in your home town. If not, remember: you can always make your own. However; don’t let this discourage you. Many shops have delivery options (even worldwide delivery). In the end, it is all a matter of doing proper research and asking for references.

Big known brands of body cleaning (shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, etc) products usually use synthetic ingredients and most of the time (if you read the label) we don’t even know what each ingredient is. This is something that bothers me. How am I supposed to buy something I don’t understand its content?

Furthermore; these products go through the drain which contaminates our waters, fishes, and more. Another thing: packaging. Regular shampoo and conditioner bottles are plastic. Yes. Therefore; as we mentioned before, it takes over 500 years to decompose. Although you might think: Isn’t it recyclable? I have to remind you that the main goal is to reduce first and consider recycling as a last resource. And last but not least, these products are highly polluting during their manufacture.

So there you have it, this week’s Green-Tip: Get to know your products. Here are some options for you to have in mind:

- Refill your bottle with natural products at your local store
- Buy Shampoo/Conditioner Bar Soap at local fair
- DIY Always works if you are on a budget

Another common product we use to shower is our soap and loofah. I use natural base soap since forever for personal reasons. I am allergic to industrial soap. Therefore; I have always used either neutral or natural soap. For the loofah, I get natural fiber-based sponges or bamboo scrub brush.

Soap wrappers are extremely difficult to recycle due to the plastic sheets that waterproof the paper. I use neutral or homemade soaps. I often buy some natural handmade soaps at the local fair and they smell delicious!

Many of these products you should be able to find handmade at your local market. Consequently; you will not only be moving into having a more sustainable lifestyle but also helping small businesses.

Remember to think about the trace you leave on the planet and start trying something new and better for you and the world.

Live, Love & Laugh
A True Nomad - Sol Acevedo