Zero-Waste Mouth Cleansing Routine

Babmboo Toothbrush

This month we will be learning about small actions that have a huge impact on the environment that we can incorporate in our daily habits within the bathroom. There are many things we can do to control the waste we create in our homes. It is time for us to take responsibility for our actions and change our habits.

One of my first habits to incorporate was changing my toothbrush. This does not mean that I threw away the one I was using. I used it until a change was needed and at that moment I decided to try these new bamboo toothbrushes I’ve been seeing around. If you are on a budget you can disinfect your plastic toothbrush for a longer "life" usage.

Only one plastic toothbrush takes over 400 years to decompose, creating many microplastic particles that continue to contaminate our environment. This means that as you read this, all the toothbrushes you threw away until today are still out there somewhere.

Turning to bamboo toothbrushes has the following benefits:
- It works just as fine or better than your regular one
- It decomposes in 180 days
- Depending on the brand you have access to, you can either compost from 90 to 100% of it. Some brands plastic bristles which you have to cut and place them in your recycling bin

In addition to this habit, you can add other eco-friendly products to your mouth-cleanse routine. Here are some ideas:
- Eco-friendly dental floss
- Compostable, natural, and DIY toothpaste
- Oil Pulling

So this is our tip for today: Change to Bamboo Toothbrush and maybe take the opportunity to start changing other products. Check with your local market and look for who makes their own products, or maybe you can look for a recipe to do your own toothpaste. Read, inform yourself about what products you are using, what ingredients does it have. Doing research nowadays is a lot easier since we have all the information we need (and more) in our own hands.

Remember to think about the trace you leave on the planet and start trying something new and better for you and the world.

Live, Love & Laugh
A True Nomad - Sol Acevedo