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Costa Rica

I highly recommend Costa Rica if you are looking for adventure, fun and the most beautiful sites. Beach, Jungle and Amazing Food; all in one place! Don't forget your surf-board!


Dulce de Leche, Asado, Fernet, Empanadas, and Medialunas are just a few of its typical gastronomy you should try when visiting. Pasion, loudness, and friendliness are the 3 characteristics every Argentinian will have. Being born here I always feel like home when going back.

Flag of Latvia


Soon, I will be sharing tips, places, and spots I discovered in Latvia since we moved here. Stay tuned.


Meat, Mate, and Peace. What else do you need? Either Winter or Summer, for Argentinians as myself no matter the weather; there's always time for a quick getaway to Uruguay.


Prepare to have a great time and stop the myths of Colombia. This country has been nothing but welcoming in every possible way.

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