Weeks aways from quarantine being “over”, and still things won’t be the same after, we have decided to move. Yes, you read correctly, we are moving just weeks before the quarantine is “over”.

At home, we worked hard into adapting and organizing our schedules for each to have personal time and productive working hours. Nonetheless, we have decided to move to a bigger apartment just in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. The lack of space started to affect us as a couple making it the main reason why we decided to risk it and move.

We found the perfect apartment, at the right price, in the exact location we wanted, and closed the deal in less than a week. So boxes appeared again and packing everything up while enjoying the end of phase one in Latvia.

Living in Latvia has been one of the most challenging things in my life. In the last year, many things have happened. First I came to Latvia to live with my boyfriend, stayed for a month, went to Australia to visit my brother for another month, returned to Latvia until September when I left for Argentina for 3 months. And then back to the Baltic country in December.

Upon my return we got married, traveled for our honeymoon, and Corona craziness began. So since I came here, I’ve felt that my patience and adaptability have been tested hardcore.

First re-learning to live with someone and having a relationship after many years of being on my own. Working on our things, empowering our strengths, accepting our differences, and learning to manage our vulnerabilities. This has been very nurturing as challenging for both of us. I won’t take all the credit; my husband has his share in making things easier for me. He teaches me about patience, tolerance, and how each person has its needs, times, and ways of processing things.

Not having a steady job was also something very new for me. I have always worked since I was 20 or less. Therefore; I’ve been learning to work my way around the house, having little personal projects, relying on someone for money (even though it’s temporary, it requires a lot of work on my end to accept not being as independent and self-sufficient as I used to).

Traveling out of necessity is not of my preference. This was not only new but very difficult for me to enjoy. I love traveling. It always came easy to me the enjoyment of it all. However, these were unknown circumstances and made it very hard for me to relax. I was learning to lean on someone while accepting my situation as unemployed and still having to travel due to visas expirations and others.

Another challenge in Latvia has been the language barrier. Somedays I come across people who are very friendly, helpful, and English speakers. Other days are a bit harder, making us very conscious of how far we are from “home”. Sometimes it feels impossible to meet new people or make new friends. Therefore, I continue to appreciate the balance we (my husband and I) work on having between the good and the bad days.

Being away from the family also has its moments. Even though we do not choose our home-country to live in today, we still get homesick from time to time. We miss our families, parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. As much as our friends and close ones. Thankfully today we can connect immediately, chat constantly, and stay up to date with everyone. When I was a kid, all I had to stay in touch with friends were handwritten letters. Yes, I did write and used the post office quite often. There was no other way.

Now with the quarantine, new challenges arise. When you marry you promise to be there in the good and the bad, but no one expected a quarantine. This has been extremely difficult, even though we have managed better than we thought.

Being patient with your partner-in-crime 24x7 is not an easy task, it does not come as naturally as one would hope. We did go through different schedules, routines, room-switching, and other crazy occurrences we had to do to make it work. But learning to be adaptable requires patience. Being patient requires time and being communicative is key. Expressing your feelings is key on a regular base; during quarantine even more.

So this quarantine period has taught me (and continues) to be more communicative, therefore more patient, learning to read the other person’s times and moments. Giving my feelings a chance to settle and be able to identify them properly, connecting with them, and focus my energy on accepting whatever it is I am feeling. New feelings have been discovered by everyone.

I thought that due to my nomad life, I would have it easy to adapt to new places and changing circumstances. To my surprise, this is not so. Sometimes I also have difficulties with the current situation, feeling frustrated, alone, and not being sure what is it that I am feeling. It’s in times like these that I count on Yoga mainly and I allow myself to go with the flow (when possible). I’ve learned that giving yourself a break is also necessary. Nobody can do everything alone. It just doesn’t work that way.

Learning to lean on someone else has taught me to let myself be vulnerable while showing it, allowing myself to feel down, accepting my limitations, and embrace myself as a whole. We are creatures under constant transformation, changes happen all the time even if we don’t perceive them.

We are mentally adaptable to anything that happens to us, it all depends on how good care we take of our selves. Not an easy task, I must confess. Things not always seem to go as expected, plans have been canceled and changed for everyone. Nonetheless, we continue to grow, rediscovering ourselves under unknown circumstances. Forcing ourselves to adapt to the current situation, feeling completely accomplished once we have passed through the rough patch.

Being adaptable is not about adapting fast to the circumstance but embracing the time it takes for each one to do so. Allowing yourself to enjoy the good and the bad, having ups and downs, being super productive one day and ultra lazy the next, having explosive moments of great creativity and feeling completely uninspired the following day. Whatever makes you feel in your right path is valid.

The quarantine will be over soon. Hopefully, when this passes, we will all have learned the importance of our actions; even the smallest ones. I hope we all come out of it in the best of our versions. Ready for one of the biggest changes in our generation.

Live, Love & Laugh
A True Nomad’s Story - Sol Acevedo