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When having to talk about Córdoba, only one place comes to mind: Los Reartes. This is a small town where my grandparents built a small house next to the river. I always love going to this house. It's totally off the grid, no internet service, barely cell service, and one line phone for emergencies. Great green space, pines, walnut trees, fruit trees, a barbecue, and a small balcony kind of cement deck with a river view.

Other places I have marked as starred places to visit are La Cumbrecita and Capilla del Monte. Córdoba is a great place for those who like taking a hike through the hills, clear shallow rivers, adventure, nature, and great night skies filled with stars.


This is a small town, known for its natural trails, rivers, and national holiday celebrations. For me, it is a special spot to get off the grid and connect with nature while enjoying the house my grandparents built many years ago with their own hands.

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My brothers and I would always go running to the swings as soon as we got off the car. Just swinging our way away, jumping to see who got the furthest without breaking a leg, or hitting a tree. We usually stay for a week or so and there are always things to fix and work on. So going there is not all about relaxing. We do all kinds of stuff, like helping paint the doors, cut the grass, fixing things, cooking, going for groceries, and more.

One summer, my sister and I went to visit my grandfather. Just the two of us. We went for a week. My grandpa was still with us, we were young, and I am almost positive we drove him a bit nuts. My sister and I can be intense and hyper together. My grandfather was from other times, he had seen awful things and survived a harsh life, but we always knew how much he loved us even though he couldn’t show it.

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One day we found two old bikes; one belonged to my mom as a kid and the other one to my grandfather. The bikes were old and you could tell they have not been used in ages. My sister and I took up the task with help from my grandpa and repaired them fully. We used them for the whole week there. Another of our projects was painting a sign for his house, we still have it. It says: “El Rincón de Roque” (Roque’s Corner). Another of our favorite things to do when going to the house was to pick up plums and nuts from the trees, which gave us a great excuse to climb trees.

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Skies here are just mind-blowing. Fresh mornings, colorful sunsets, and clear night skies. At night it is so dark and clear that you can see millions of stars and even distinguish the Milky Way. With my brother and sister, we would climb to the roof at night to see the stars.

To relax, we all take breaks together every other day and go down to the river with Mate (Argentinian traditional hot beverage) and snacks. In the mornings my sister likes to pick up water from the river and boil it for us to drink. Usually mid-morning or mid-afternoon we take a smaller break with Mate on the balcony with the river view.

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Regarding things to do in Los Reartes, I recommend you enjoy the peace, slowing down the rush of daily routines, and go out in nature. Visit the river as much as possible; it is clear water and shallow river which makes it great to go with children. However; you should ask if it has rained in the mountains and if any changes on the river’s stream are expected. If so, be aware and as soon as you see more water coming in, get out! Stream changes in the rivers of Córcoba can be highly dangerous.

As you can tell, this is a unique place for me where it represents a connection with nature and family.


The closest big town/small city is Villa General Belgrano. Here are restaurants, more lodging options, and shops. It is only 10km from Los Reartes and there are buses during the day going and coming every hour or so.

Córdoba is well-known for its Fernet, Cuarteto, and German heritage in many towns just like Villa General Belgrano and others. In Villa General Belgrano is the Oktoberfest every October. This is a celebration with craft beers and mixed traditional gastronomy. You should also know that there are many German dishes and traditional plates, and many names of the Restaurants and Pubs are German.

History says that a big immigration flow from Germany came to Argentina and settled in Córdoba because of the similarity in nature's vibes. I haven’t been to Germany yet, so any similarity is still unknown to me.


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Another small, unique, and German heritage town. The specialty of this place is that only residents’ cars go in. It is also home to many activities, natural pools, and waterfalls.

The most known activities to do here are going to La Olla, Cascada Escondida, and Cascada Grande. My mom tells us stories about her childhood and how with her friends they would walk to these natural pools when there were no trails or paths to them; just indigenous bushes and trees.

Peñón del Águila is a known theme park with great adventure activities for the whole family. They offer many things for different styles and ages. I highly recommend it if you are one of those hyperactive people, with the need to explore in a more adventurous way. It is also great for children; for them to be able to explore from the trees and have some adrenaline during this trip.

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Moving over 150km north, we can go to Capilla del Monte. This place is known for the Uritorco; famous hill for its energetic and paranormal activities. Many people have said to have seen extraterrestrial life; unfortunately, I cannot say the same. However, I do recommend hiking to the top of this small mountain. The view is indescribable.

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I went with friends a few years ago and I was just blown away. We were there for only a few days. We only made it to make two self-tours: Uritorco and Paso del Indio.

When going to the Uritorco I recommend you bring sufficient water, bug repellent, and sunblock. We went in October and the day we did this hiking it was sunny, warm, and I was a rookie in this world. There were three of us, but we did not bring sufficient water. I remember how thirsty I was coming down. Once we were back to base, I ran for water, getting my head wet to avoid getting sunstroke.

The town center is charming, with tasty local gastronomy, and small craft markets. Most products here are handmade with natural ingredients from local elements.

Our second Day-Tour was going to Paso del Indio. Another interesting hike bordering the river and going through stonewalls following the path. It also has some spots for a good rest and great to chill under a tree shade next to the river.

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As you can see Córdoba has many options to choose from and adaptable to all. If you are going with friends, young, elderly, families with young children and not so young, alone, couple, adventurous, and more serene vibes.

There are more places to visit in Córdoba, but I have not been to any of them for so long that I don't even know how things look right now. Some renowned places are Córdoba City, Villa Carlos Paz, Nono, Alta Gracia, Villa Maria, Villa Curabrochero, and Minaclavero amongst others.

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If you choose to go to Córdoba by car, I recommend you take a few extra days or two to stop in Rosario. This is a big distinguished city, known for its port activities, Flag Monument which is a must if you go, and the river beach.

From Buenos Aires City Center there are many options on how to travel to Córdoba. You can go by bus, plane, and train. If you decide to travel by train ensure you get the tickets with a few weeks of anticipation.

Córdoba is truly full of wonders and I hope you enjoyed this Virtual Tour through one of the small spots in this world where I recharge my energies and enjoy the break from “real life”.

Live, Love & Laugh
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