Challenge yourself
Challenge yourself to be better
Speak Up, your voice counts
Finish a fight
Start one
Tell that thing to the corresponding person
Let them know you love them
Say I LOVE YOU to the person you love
Say it to yourself, feel loved
Eat less meat, eat more fruits and vegetables
Discover new flavors, textures, and ingredients
Challenge yourself to exercise more
Watch TV
Read an old book, read a new one
Enjoy yourself
Be happy, be sad
Get angry, be forgiven with others and yourself
Cry, laugh, scream, whisper
Challenge yourself to say thank you to a stranger
Say thank you to your parents
Be quiet, be loud
Observe, listen, feel, sleep, be awake
Run, walk
Meet new people, gather with old friends
Call someone who you haven't spoken to in over a year
Send a postcard
Challenge yourself to do better, be better
Be who you want to be
Challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself, every day. 

Live, Love & Laugh
A True Nomad's Story - Sol Acevedo